🧑‍💻Our team

Our team — is a group of professional and highly qualified specialists. At this moment we are anonymous, and we really hope that you can understand that, you can respect our freedom of choice and support us with our choice. One of the main powers of crypto world — is freedom of choice for anonymity of your actions. We use it too. Our second project = https://mc-token.com/

Our team includes 6 people:

  1. Owner/CEO

  2. Head Developer

  3. Project manager

  4. Front-end developer

  5. Web-designer

  6. Illustrator

  7. 2D/3D animator

  8. Team of moderators

Everyone in our team has a huge experience in their field. We have several successful projects behind our backs.

We hope with our experience and your support, we can build a really great community and unique project!

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