NFT rewards - OUTDATED


Usually NFTs do not have any actual usage, and they are just lying in your inventory… We do not have this problem! Our NFTs have actual usage β€” every owner of the NFT share part of the NFT rewards pool.

NFT rewards pool

Funds for this rewards pool goes from two ways:

  1. 100% from every purchase of Magic box

  2. 3-5% from each transaction using special contract, affected by volume of New Year Token

  3. 7% from each transaction of token

Through this system, we can fill NFT rewards pool with decent and huge amount of money. Basically, every action on our platform, everything β€” extends an amount of funds. In that case, everything on our platform is very valuable. The only thing you need to take part in this festival β€” buy Magic box and get any NFT, due every of our NFT has a share of rewards pool.

Buy our token, create LP tokens, buy magic boxes and increase final reward!

We wanted to increase πŸ’° NFT rewards pools much more… Due to this, we have created a special contract, affected by the volume of our token. This unique contract have certain amount of NYT tokens. Through the trading day, it will sell some tokens. The system will calculate 3-5% from each transaction. The amount of selling tokens is based on the volume of the NYT. That means more volume = bigger percent = bigger NFT rewards pool. This system will highly increase the total amount of funds in the pool and does not affect price, due to the low percent + connection to the volume.

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