🏆New Year Lottery

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Page and interface for the New Year Lottery will be available at the end of December. Please follow our news channel to know more.

New Year Lottery

Our second new feature for the season is the New Year Lottery. Try your luck in the great New Year Lottery! For one or some of you, this New Year will be the greatest New Year ever! Win a huge prize with our lottery!

To take part in the lottery, you need to have Lottery tickets, they are used in the draw.

Higher amount of Lottery tickets = higher chance to win in the lottery.

Prize pool

The prize pool for the New Year Lottery is collected through magic boxes. From each purchase of magic box, 10% of spent money goes to the prize pool in BUSD.

Prize will be 100% in the BUSD. To check the current prize pool, please visit homepage of NYT.


Depending on amount of funds in the prize pool, we will announce amount of winners in the end of December.

There will be 1-5 winners maximum.

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