🎁Magic boxes

You can buy Magic boxes here

Starting price for 1 Magic box = 1 USD.

You can buy Magic boxes only with NYT tokens.

Price of Magic box can grow depening on current price of NYT token, same as reward for the NFT, they will grow with the grow of NYT price.

Distribution of funds from the Magic box:

  1. 90% to the Santa's Bank;

  2. 10% in BUSD to the New Year Lottery.

  1. There is only one type of Magic box at this moment;

  2. You get only 1 NFT from each box;

  3. There is no limit on buying Magic boxes;

  4. There is no limit on total amount of NFTs for one user.

Magic boxes β€” one of our main features, which gives you opportunity to try your luck! New Year β€” is the best time of the every year, people unite, dreams come true, wishes are made for the next year… This is your chance to try your luck with our unique new year Magic boxes! Buy our Magic boxes and get New Year NFTs, which you can sell to the Santa's bank or convert them to the ice shards and take part in the New Year Lottery.

There are 4 rarities of NFT. Each rarity have different chance and each NFT has different rewards in the Santa's bank.

Rarity nameChance to getBasic reward in Santa's bank*


50 %

0 $


34 %

1.5 $


15 %

2 $


1 %

10 $

*Be aware! Rewards in the Santa's bank are not stable!

Rewards are changing with price of NYT token. Higher price of NYT = higher price of NFTs in the Santa's bank. If you understand that, you can earn even more, if you hold your NFTs and sell them only when NYT price is growing and high.

Example of the NFT:

In the inventory, some of NFTs will have 2D effects.

Check out full list here.

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