❄️ Ice shards farm
Ice shard β€” is the special currency which you can use to buy our Magic boxes.​
Ice shards contract = 0x8f9eF0f6d984eAeC65FCF1c74b0De7800AF198C6
You can acquire ice shards through special farm on main page here β€” LINK.​
First of all you need to create LP pair NYT-BUSD, to do so β€” please use our swap page our use special page for liquidity on pancake.
Also, as liquidity provider on pancake, you will get a share from any swap in this pair. That means every time when someone swaps in pair NYT-BUSD you will get a share from 0.17% tax.
Then, after creation of NYT-BUSD, you need to stake them in our farm, so you will start getting Ice shards = add more LP tokens = get more Ice shards.
Price of 1 Magic box = 10 000 ice shards(you can buy any amount of boxes with Ice shards)
Also, you can get Ice Shards from exchanging your NFTs. You can exchange basic, normal and rare NFTs to Ice Shards.
​Exchange here.​
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